Friday, July 23, 2010

How Low Can You Go?

Well this is a special post on my blog, since this is the first interview I have done, so bear with me. Its not 100% perfect or super pimp, but hey Im not either. :) I just wanted to introduce y'all to one of my good friends I met this past spring at the Import Alliance Spring Meet in Atlanta!

1st Ill start ya off with the basics:

Cory Hutchison
Age: 21
Occupation: Autozone, and Genesis Concepts Mechanic/Being a Gangsta

IMGP1435 2- Copy

Q: How did the car come into your hands?
A: I bought it from a friend 3 years ago with a bad transmission for $250 because he didn't have the time or space to fix it. I slapped a $50 junkyard tranny in it and had a perfect daily to drive while building my Prelude. It was just supposed to stay a stock daily but it came with a set of lowering springs in the trunk so it all went downhill from there...

Q: What brought the car to its current baller state?
A: Haha baller? Well like I said, I lowered it. the tires wore out pretty quickly with no alignment so one rainy day i slid off the road down into a 10 foot deep ravine, crushing the radiator support and landing the car on its side. After "fixing" the frame with a back hoe and a pair of cinder blocks, re-aligning the body panels with shims and zip ties and slathering it with bondo here and there, it needed some paint. Rattle can was my weapon of choice and its changed colors a couple times, but the current color you see is satin burgandy. Since it had been wrecked, I kinda had the freedom to do whatever I wanted to it, and it needed a dose of some slam so i started buying coilovers and swapping springs... then it got to the point of buying suspension from other cars, changing suspension geometry, cutting frame and such to get it the low. Finally I decided on some Diamond Racing steelies to complete the look and stance. they just seemed to fit the style of the car.

How does it feel riding around in a car that is a dimes height off of he road?
A. Pretty Sweet. You can look around and see people breaking their necks to check it out haha. I have a lot of people ask, " how do you drive it?!" and I just say "carefully."


Q: Any plans to go lower?
A: Always! After I have the exhaust welded higher and build some drivetrain armor and skid plates of course. It already knocks reflectors off the interstate.

Any other plans for the car?
A: I'll probably repaint it again and swap wheels to reinvent it at some point, and I'd like to get into some engine mods. Possibly bags one day but I kinda like the feel of such a low car on static drop.


Q: So far whats your favorite memory in the car?
A: I loved the looks I got the weekend of the Spring Import Alliance meet in Atlanta when the car was army green and I let everyone chalk the car. Riding through downtown was hilarious.

Q: Any plans to get rid of her?
A: Nahhh it has way too much character and it's way too much fun to just feel creative and do whatever I want to it. Besides, I've wrecked it, shot it, overheated it on the interstate for 11 miles and everything else you can think of. It can't die.




Q: Whats next?
A: Selling the Prelude and getting a daily with a/c haha. Wayyyy too humid in the dirty south

Q: Any closing thoughts/ shoutouts
Big ups to Luke "MushroomToy" Smith and everybody on for their help and support and Brad Chan of Genesis Concepts for letting me use the garage space countless times for suspension work and even paint. And I'd just like to thank anybody reading this who digs the car. It has seroiusly been the most fun build of my "career" so far.
-Cory Hutchison



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